Mammal Directory

We follow the ISIS taxonomic system

Monotremata - Platypus, Echidnas Marsupialia - Marsupials Insectivora - Hedgehogs, Tenrecs, etc.
Dermoptera - Flying Lemurs Chiroptera - Bats Primates:
Edentata - Anteaters, sloths etc. Pholiodata - Pangolins Lagomorpha - Rabbits & Hares
Rodentia - Rodents Cetacea - Whales & Dolphins Carnivora (Carnivores):-

.....Canidae: (Dogs, Wolves, Jackals, Foxes)

.....Ursidae: (Bears and Giant Pandas):

.....Procyonidae: (Raccoons):

.....Mustelidae: (Weasels, Otters, Badgers, Skunks):

.....Viverridae: (Civets, Genets, Mongooses):

.....Hyaenidae: (Hyenas, Aardwolves):

.....Felidae: (Cats):

.....Panthera: (Large cats):

Pinnipedia - Seals, Walruses, Sea Lions Tubulidentata - Aardvarks Proboscoidea - Elephants
Hydracoidea - Hydraxes Sirenia - Manatees, Dugongs Perissodactyla - Horses, Zebras, Asses, Tapirs & Rhinos
Artiodactyla - Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Cows, Deer, Camels, Antelopes etc.

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