Swans--Cygnus sp.
swan is the common name for any of seven species of water birds of the duck famil
Found at: http://www.robinsonresearch.com/ANIMALS/BIRDS/swans.htm

Trumpeter Swan
Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) Wildlife Division Publications Species Diseases: Trumpeter Swan "The Spotting Scope" Articles Trumpeter Swan Cygnets Increase (Spring 1996) Swans Continue Recovery (Summer 1998) Coast Guard Air-lifts Trumpeter..
Found at: http://www.dnr.state.mi.us/wildlife/Species/indices/trumpeter.htm

FMI/GEO, SWAN - The national bird
SWAN - bird of Ultima Thule Space Plasma Physics SWAN-instrument SWAN science Recent Data Technical characteristics Publications SOHO Swan - the National bird of Finland Swan, or more exactly whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus), is one of the national..
Found at: http://www.geo.fmi.fi/PLASMA/SWAN/swanbird.html

Mute Swan
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) |Jan.Feb.Mar.Apr.May.Jun.Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.| | -- | Status: Vagrant Last recorded on site in 1994. No evidence of breeding on site (1987-1991). No evidence of breeding on site (1992-1996). No evidence of breeding on..
Found at: http://www.fnal.gov/ecology/wildlife/specs/Mute_Swan.html

BIRD PHOTOGRAPHS INDEX Black Billed Magpie Pica Pica Black Headed Gull Larus Ridibundus Blue Tit Parus Caeruleus Canada Goose Branta Canadensis Chaffinch Fringilla Coelebs Coal Tit Parus Ater Common Blackbird Turdus Merula Common Moorhen Gallinula.
Found at: http://freepages.pavilion.net/users/ayeo/birds.htm

Mute Swan
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) The mute swan received its name for its silence (except when it is threatened--then it hisses). This swan is a native of Europe and Asia and was introduced into the United States in New York's Hudson River Valley in the 19th
Found at: http://www.assateague.com/swan.html

Chroniques : Cygnes, oies, canards et harles - Cygne tuberculé
Cygnes, oies, canards et harles - Anatidae Cygne tuberculé (Cygnus olor) Oiseau nicheur en Limousin Fiche de l'espèce Répartition Géographique Les oiseaux de la même famille Les autres familles Observations 1993-1994 (11/5) Année très médiocre pour
Found at: http://www.sepol.asso.fr/chroniq/chcygolo.html

© 1996 Harri Ojanen Mute swans (Cygnus olor, "kyhmyjoutsen") photographed in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Summer 1996. Last update: February 3, 1999. Back to the photo index or my home page Harri Ojanen / ojanen@math.rutgers.ed
Found at: http://math.rutgers.edu/~ojanen/photo/suomi/joutsen.html

Ptaki wodne - Birdwatch
WATER BIRDS Laughing seagull Larus ridibundus Cross duck Anas platyrhynchos Double-pick duck Podiceps cristatus Dumb swan Cygnus olor Bac
Found at: http://eco.mech.pg.gda.pl/~adas/ptaki/wodne.htm

Mute Swan Thumbnail Description
Mute Swan Cygnus olor Thumbnail Description of Population Changes: Unfortunately, populations of this introduced competitor of our native waterfowl are increasing at one of the highest estimated rates of growth of any species in North America..
Found at: http://www.mbr.nbs.gov/id/account/h1782.html

Mute Swan Cygnus olor A well known Andersen's ugly duckling grows into a very elegant white bird with an orange bill and a black hump on the top of its bill. This hump becomes very expressive in adult males. The birds are become very aggressive and
Found at: http://www.mobitel.si/old/eng/be10_e.html

Mute Swan
Mute Swan Taxonomy Class Aves, Order Anseriformes, Family Anatidae, Genus species Cygnus olor Geographic Range and Habitat Saltwater and freshwater ponds, coastal lagoons and bays of Eurasia. Introduced into northeastern US. Conservation Not..
Found at: http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0136.htm

EU Birds Directive 79/409/EEC - annex II/2
ECNC home page | feedback | search | previous | next bottom COUNCIL COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 79/409/EEC of 2 April 1979 on the conservation of wild birds text / Annex I / Annex II/1 / Annex III/1 / Annex III/2 / Annex III/3 / Annex IV / Annex V Annex II.
Found at: http://www.ecnc.nl/doc/europe/legislat/birdan22.html

SIBW/Législations/Conv. internationales/Directive 79/409 (annexe II.2)
Liste des espèces d'oiseaux figurant à l'annexe 2.2 de la directive 79/409/CEE
Found at: http://mrw.wallonie.be/dgrne/sibw/legislations/convint/CE794093.html

Magnet/Mirror Format MUTE SWAN (Cygnus olor) Mute Swans occur naturally in Europe and central Asia. They were introduced in many metropolitan city parks of the eastern US. Some of these birds have spread to wilder habitats and established feral..
Found at: www.otterside.com/htmfiles/sc-t.htm#swanm1

Birding Spots
Descriptions of birding spots in Denmark, Sweden (Southwestern Scania), and USA (The Seattle Area)
Found at: http://www.danbbs.dk/~linander/birdin_e.htm

Achim's Homepage
Joachim Schütze Faradayweg 4-6 14195 Berlin Telefon:(030)8413-4216 Telefax:(030)8413-3155 Ich bin Chemotechniker am Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in der Gruppe Heterogene Katalyse der Abt. Physikalische Chemie in Zusammenarbeit..
Found at: http://w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de/~achim/welcome.html

View Nesting Birds
View Nesting Birds Each of the listed sites features "live" video and/or updated photographs of a pair of nesting birds. You can follow the efforts of the parents and the progress of the young by periodically visiting the sites. [Update: The 1999..
Found at: http://www.pitt.edu/~dziadosz/

THE OTTER SIDE - Available Alphabetical Image List
Available Images - Bird Names Beginning with S All birds listed are available, but not all images are online. Click on a highlighted name to see the online images: Type Common Name [Latin Name] Sanderling - Sanderling [Calidris alba] Sandpiper ..
Found at: http://www.otterside.com/htmfiles/s.htm

Zoological Museum
Copenhagen Bird Ringing Centre The Bird Ringing Data Collection of the Zoological Museum, known as the Copenhagen Bird Ringing Centre, comprises data from Denmark as well as the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The Collection consists of ringing data..
Found at: http://www.aki.ku.dk/zmuc/ver/ringing.htm

Re: Why are there partially leucistic birds ?
The MAD Scientist Network: Zoology Re: Why are there partially leucistic birds ? Date: Wed Feb 17 10:56:57 1999 Posted By: Ruth Allard, Conservation Biologist, American Zoo and Aquarium Association Area of science: Zoology ID: .Zo Message: Dear..
Found at: http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/feb99/919442794.Zo.r.html

American Biology Teacher Journal
Failed to open due to error: Operation timed out American Biology Teacher ABOUT OUR COVER The mute swan (Cygnus olor and the Canada goose (Branta canadensis) are among the largest and most graceful waterfowl found on North America s winter flyways.
Found at: http://www.nabt.org/journal_04_97.html

BIRDEAST Postings: [BIRDEAST] New York Hudson-Mohawk RBA 1/21/99
The Cape Cod Connection [BIRDEAST] New York Hudson-Mohawk RBA 1/21/99 Barb Putnam (bputnam@GLOBAL2000.NET) Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:16:45 -0500 Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Next message: David F. Suggs: "[BIRDEAST] WNY..
Found at: http://www.capecodconnection.com/hypermail/birds/0477.html

BirdLife Vorarlberg - Artenliste der Brutvögel Vorarlbergs
Artenlisten der Vögel Vorarlbergs Brutvögel Wintergäste (regelmäßig) Homepage Die Brutvögel Vorarlbergs (Stand 1998) Schema: deutscher Artname - wissenschaftlicher Artname Haubentaucher - Podiceps cristatus Gebirgsstelze - Motacilla cinerea..
Found at: http://members.vol.at/birdlife/Arten.htm

Birds at Lincoln Park Zoo
At right is a listing, in alphabetical order by common name, of the birds at Lincoln Park Zoo. LPZ's birds are housed at the: Robert R. McCormick Bird House Regenstein Bird of Prey Exhibit Penguin and Seabird House Pritzker Children's Zoo. Click on
Found at: http://www.lpzoo.com/animals/birds/birdlist.html

Whooper swan
Why I talk about whooper swans ? "The Whooper Swan - Bird of Ultima Thule" was the name of the book which save whooper swans from extinction in Finland. I have to addmit that I have been impressed of this story ever since I personally saw a nesting
Found at: http://www.physics.helsinki.fi/~pennanen/swan.html

in allestimento LISTA DEGLI UCCELLI NIDIFICANTI IN ITALIA CON CARTINE GEOGRAFICHE CHECK - LIST OF ITALIAN BREEDING BIRDS WITH MAPS cover pagina 2 pagina 3 pagina 4 pagina 5 Updated to December 1995 Compiled by Alberto Masi Introduction The present.
Found at: http://www.scricciolo.com/check-list/breeding_list-1.htm

animals,zoos,library of photography,library of links,dastcom graphics,dast photo,tibbits,don tibbits photography,web page desig
Found at: http://www.dastcom.com/lop/animalinfo.html

Trumpeter Swan Society -- Swan Identification
The Trumpeter Swan Society Swan Identification Home | Mission and Overview | Your Society at Work | Contact Us | Join Us! | Swan Gifts | Publications, News and Events | Swan Identification | Swan Information | Swan Links There are three species of.
Found at: http://www.taiga.net/swans/swanid.html

Biological/Ecotoxicological characterstics of terrestrial vertebrates in estuaries
BIOLOGICAL AND ECOTOXICOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TERRESTRIAL VERTEBRATE SPECIES RESIDING IN ESTUARIES by Barnett A. Rattner, Nancy H. Golden, Jennifer L. Pearson, Jonathan B. Cohen, Lynda J. Garrett, Mary Ann Ottinger, and R. Michael Erwin The..
Found at: http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/resshow/rattner/bioeco/preamble.htm

GeoZoo: Swans! (family Anatidae)
GeoZoo's report on swans, the fairytale waterfowl
Found at: http://www.geobop.com/Birds/Anseriformes/anatidae/Swans.htm

WildLife on Easy Street, Inc. 12802 Easy Street Tampa, Florida 33625 (813) 920-4130 EasyStWild@aol.com As seen on Dateline NBC and as featured in People Magazine If you could help save the cats at no cost, nor inconvenience would you do it?? Go to.
Found at: http://www.wildlifeeasyst.com/birds.htm

PMI report april 97
MALLORCA 06 - 16 APRIL 1997 Observations by Fredric Mahler, Paris Frederic MALHER <101744.200@compuserve.com> We were biking all around Mallorca between 6/4 and 16/4. The weather was fine except 2 days, in the Sierra Tramuntana between Puerto de..
Found at: http://home.inni.no/arnstein/mapr97.htm

All (in this database) Birds list (Scientific names)
All (in this database) Birds list (Scientific names) Gaviformes (Aves) Gaviidae Gavia stellata arctica immer adamsii Podicipediformes (Aves) Podicipedidae Tachybaptus ruficollis Podiceps cristatus grisegena auritus nigricollis Procellariiformes ..
Found at: http://www.nic.funet.fi/pub/sci/bio/life/warp/birds-list.html

checklists winter
WINTER CHECKLIST N: NAME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 Gavia arctica 2 4 4 9 8 - 2 Gavia stellata - 1 - - 3 Tach. ruficollis 6 100 108 14 33 - 4 Pod. cristatus 112 1030 684 167 2139 - 5 Pod. nigricollis - 390 256 1172 490 415 6 Pod. grisegena - - 5 - 1 - 7..
Found at: http://www.einet.bg/~pandiond/winter.htm

About Mute Swans
The Mute Swan Cygnus olor You are visitor number to this page since 9th March 1996. Introduction History Customs Life Cycle Lead Poisoning in Swans North West Swan Study Page. Introduction The Mute Swan is a well known bird in the British Isles.
Found at: http://www.airtime.co.uk/users/cygnus/muteswan.htm

Chesapeake Bay Article: Trumpeter Swan Migration Experiment
Chesapeake Bay regional on-line magazine and information sourc
Found at: http://thechesapeakebay.com/swans.shtml

lac du Der en décembre
archives de la liste de discussion"Ornithologie" Lac du Der en décembre contribution de "Francis Desjardins" <fdesjard@club-internet.fr> , "Lacs Aubois", 30 décembre 1998 Je viens de mettre à jour le site de la LPO Champagne Ardenne avec les..
Found at: http://alex.union-fin.fr/usr/vannier/ornithologie/site/champagne/der12.html

Autumn migration in Västerbotten 1994
Autumn migration in Västerbotten 1994 24 obsevers counted birds along our coast for 273 hours in 85 days, mainly during mornings. (Date 8.9 stands for 8 September) TOTAL THE AUTUMN 1994 THE BEST DAY SPECIES NUMBER DAYS DATE INTERVAL DATE NUMBER ..
Found at: http://www.ssko.slu.se/~pha/Autumn94.htm

Karsiborska Kepa 1997
Trip Report: Karsiborska Kepa N.R. (NW Poland), July 15-18 1997 P. William and Susan A. Smith, Florida, USA; pwsmith@dc.seflin.org Inasmuch as we had a few extra days to spend in central Europe in mid-July, 1997, we decided to visit the Karsiborska
Found at: http://www.xnet.com/~ugeiser/Birds/TripReports/KarsiborskaKepa97.html

Die Pielach - Vögel im Unterlauf
Auszug aus dem Forschungsbericht Gewauml;sserfauna Pielach, Heft 13/1995, Forschungsinstitut WWF Ouml;sterreic
Found at: http://www.byronny.at/region/pielach/voegel.htm

Diese Seite ist Teil des Fotokatalogs von Eric A. Sode
Found at: http://www.topics.ch/eas/cat/dcataves.htm

List of publications sorted by year and author This list is made for HTML2 SPECIES YOUNGS ADULTS TOTAL 10 Gavia stellata 0 1 1 90 Podiceps grisegena 1 2 3 160 Fulmarus glacialis 0 1 1 390 Ardea cinerea 14 3 17 500 Ciconia ciconia 17 0 17 550 Cygnus
Found at: http://www.aki.ku.dk/zmuc/ver/RINGYEAR.HTM

Origen y evolución de las aves del Archaeopterix al Archaeoptchugis* Sergio E. Avilés Archaeopteryx: la primera de las aves escuche la narración (voz de Aldegundo Garza de León) Los documentos de audio de este museo están codificados con el..
Found at: http://www.siti.com.mx/musave.dir/htm.dir/origen.htm

Virtual Arad News - Stirile Virtual Arad de vineri 12 februarie 1999
Latest news from Arad in romanian. Ultimele stiri din Arad
Found at: http://virtual.arad.ro/news/1999/va_n120299_ro.htm

BIRDEAST Postings: [BIRDEAST] NY: Finger Lakes Bird Line; 1/30/99
The Cape Cod Connection [BIRDEAST] NY: Finger Lakes Bird Line; 1/30/99 Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes (cth4@CORNELL.EDU) Sun, 31 Jan 1999 01:33:05 -0400 Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Next message: Brian Dalzell: "..
Found at: http://www.capecodconnection.com/hypermail/birds/0530.html

Fish and Wildlife Reference Service Scientific Names: U.S. Fish Wildlife Service
The Fish and Wildlife Reference Service, Scientific Name
Found at: http://www.fws.gov/search/fwrsname.html

The Greater Manchester Bird Page
The Greater Manchester Bird Page Welcome to the Greater Manchester Bird Page ! You are visitor number to this page since 9th March 1996. Please email gmbirds@cygnus.airtime.co.uk if you have any comments ( and to let me know you have visited ! )..
Found at: http://www.airtime.co.uk/users/cygnus/oldgmbrd.htm

All (in this database) Birds list (with Finnish common names)
All (in this database) Birds list (with Finnish common names) Kuikkalinnut - Gaviformes (Aves) Kuikat - Gaviidae Gavia Kaakkuri - stellata Kuikka - arctica Amerikanjääkuikka - immer Jääkuikka - adamsii Uikkulinnut - Podicipediformes (Aves) Uikut .
Found at: http://www.funet.fi/pub/sci/bio/life/warp/birds-Finnish-list.html

Denmark: Gedser, Bøtø, Kallø and Majbølle, 31. August 1998
Day trip 30 th August, 1998 DK. Denmark: Gedser, Bøtø (both S.E. Falster), Kallø and Majbølle (N.E. Lolland) David B. Collinge Email: david-c@biobase.dk Created 31 st August 1998 I had an excellent day with John Nielsen and Klaus K. Nielsen..
Found at: http://biobase.dk/~david-c/gedser98.htm Alphabetical Index
Alphabetical Index O Genera Oceanites Genus Procellariidae CICONIIFORMES Oceanodroma Genus Procellariidae CICONIIFORMES Ochthoeca Genus Tyrannidae PASSERIFORMES Ochthornis Genus Tyrannidae PASSERIFORMES Ocreatus Genus Trochilidae TROCHILIFORMES..
Found at: http://www.zoonomen.net/avtax/index/indxo.html

Chroniques 93-94 : Liste de toutes les espèces observées
Chroniques 1993-1994 Liste de toutes les espèces observées du 16/08/1993 au 15/08/1994. L'ordre de ces espèces, le plus communément utilisé aujourd'hui, est basé sur la classification proposée par K.H.VOOUS (List of recent Holartic bird species)..
Found at: http://www.sepol.asso.fr/chroniq/chesptt.html

Dutch checklists
Two Dutch checklists The unofficial list of birds observed in the Netherlands (in Dutch and Latin) Red Data List Dutch list (Is fairly complete, but requires looking into a few pending RC decisions, as well as taxonomic sorrows. Sorry, will update.
Found at: http://wwwis.cs.utwente.nl:8080/~deby/Birds/dutchcheck.html

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Wildlife:Birds
Wildlife:Birds Audubon Societies Products and Services Companies Pet Birds Pigeons Publications Raptors Waterfowl African Grey Parrots CAGTAG-L HomePage - African Grey Parrots as Companions. Resources, FAQs, Mailing List. Aggie Raptor..
Found at: http://webdirectory.com/Wildlife/Birds/

Searchable Keywords for Animal Pictures Archive
BIOINFO µ¿¹°Ã¢°í °Ë»ö¾î » ´Â ¿À·§µ¿¾È ¼¤ µ ¾º ¹Ç·Î ¸¹Àº ¿À·ù¸¦ °¡°í ½À´Ï´Ù. µ¿¹°±×¸²Ã¢° µ¿¹° ¸§ »À» °½Ã°Å³ª °Ë»ö½Ã±â ¹Ù¶ø´Ï´Ù. » °Ë»ö¿¡¼­´Â ±¸§, ¿µ¾¸§, ¸» µ¿½Ã¿¡ °Ë»´Ï´Ù. µ¿¹°¸í » °Ë»ö â°í¿¡ ´Â ¸î¸î µº °Ë»» ¿°Ô ±§ ¸§À» ¹Ù²Ù¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. ¿¹¸¦ µé¾î..
Found at: http://bioinfo.kordic.re.kr/animal/srchindexhan.html

LIPU Ostia Litorale - Indagine sulla caccia in Europa
Home | Dossier sulla CACCIA in Europa Indagine sulla CACCIA in Europa In questa comunicazione riportimo i risultati dell Indagine sulla Caccia in Europa eseguita sulla rete ornitologica EuroBirdNet da Goncalo Elias (Portogallo). A causa dell..
Found at: http://www.blunet.it/lipu/caccia.htm

Chesapeake Bay Nonindigenous Species List- SERC Invasions Lab
Invasions Home Site Map General Information Regional Research Ballast Clearinghouse National NIS Database Organismal Research Chesapeake Bay Nonindigenous Species List We have created a database of information for 202 species in the Chesapeake Bay.
Found at: http://www.serc.si.edu/invasions/species.htm

SIBW/Organisations/GT AVES - Avifaune wallonne
Avifaune wallonne Introduction : Cette liste comprend tous les oiseaux vus au moins une fois à l'état sauvage en Wallonie. Elle est adaptée de la liste de Jean-Paul Jacob: "Note au Conseil Supérieur de la Conservation de la Nature" (non publié)..
Found at: http://mrw.wallonie.be/dgrne/ong/aves/COA/AVIFAUNE.HTM

Vienna and Neusiedl Lake 1997
Trip Report: Vienna and Neusiedl Lake (Austria), June 14-18, 1997 Theo Hofmann, 199 Arnold Avenue, Thornhill Ontario L4J 1C1, Canada; theo@hera.med.utoronto.ca Before starting this report I would like to thank those Chatters, Dennis Forsythe and..
Found at: http://www.xnet.com/~ugeiser/Birds/TripReports/Neusiedl97.html

Die nationalen Natursymbole Finnlands
Seppo Vuokko, Cand. phil., freiberuflicher Journalist, spezialisiert auf Natur und Naturschutz Ein heiliger Vogel Der König des Waldes Furnierholz, Papier und Birkenquaste für die Sauna Betörender Blumenduft Der buckelnackige Barsch Das feste..
Found at: http://virtual.finland.fi/finfo/saksa/natur.html

Status de l'avifauna balear
Status de l'avifauna balear Llista sistemática dels ocells de les Balears i el seu status. En succesives edicions de l'Anuari hem anat perfilant el status de cada espècie basant-nos en la informació acumulada dels nostres arxius. Aquest status és..
Found at: http://www.ocea.es/gob/gobsta.htm

Found at: http://virtual.finland.fi/finfo/english/nasymeng.html

EBN - Check Lists
Italian Regional Check Lists: PUGLIA da Moschetti, Scebba, Sigismondi [1994] aggiornata al 1997 con dati inediti da F. Montanaro e da Avocetta 21, 1997 SYSTEMATIC LIST 1.Gaviiformes 1.Gaviidae 001 00010 Strolaga mezzana Gavia arctica A 002 00020..
Found at: http://freeweb.aspide.it/freeweb/EBN_Italia/lists/puglia.htm